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Find The Birds, Find The Fish!

Birds really are a fishermans best friend.  Our captain uses radar as well as years of experience to figure out which birds are just flying and the ones that are actively on fish.  Frigate birds also known as “war birds” are constantly on the hunt.  They are looking for game fish such as marlin, mahi and sailfish to chase up bait fish so that they can swipe them on the surface.  When we find birds like this working down low and close to the water, we know it is a sure they are on fish.  Recently we found some frigate birds working close on a school of bait and behold a nice school of mahi over 15 pounds were on them.  The cockpit chaos ensued and we all had a great time fighting these fish.

With over 10 mahi in the boat, we decided to go look for tuna and we found them right about where we have been catching there for the past few weeks.  You see, by fishing daily we have a huge advantage over the rest of the fleet in that we are able to determine patterns.  While everyday is different, we keep log books and follow our electronics to get a feel for tides, moon phases, wind, seas, etc and how it related the fishing.  The science of fishing can be quite fun and rather than just hope we find the fish, we want to give us our self an advantage.

Finding the tuna was quite easy as the porpoises gave away the location of the bait schools once again and we proceeded to give our clients sore arms.  Fighting a tuna and fighting a mahi are quite different.  A tuna of about 50 pounds can be a brute and really put up a fight.

As season progresses, I look forward to more great fishing and meeting new clients as well as fishing with long repeat clients.

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