Quepos Costa Rica Fishing Charters

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How many people can I bring?
You may have up to 8 people on the boat.

What do I need to bring?
We provide all gear, bait, tackle, captain and mate.  You need to bring food, drinks, and purchase Costa Rica fishing license for $15.  We also have ice and coolers on board for you.

Where can I purchase Costa Rican fishing license?
You may do so online or at our marina before your trip.  The cost is $15/angler.

When is the best time of the year to go fishing in Quepos?
That is the beauty of our area, it is an all-year long fishery.  So the best time to go, is when you can go.

Do you guarantee we catch fish?
There are no guarantees in fishing.  However we can guarantee you will get the best effort out of us including top notch captain, mate, best gear, electronics, etc.

Do you clean the fish?
Absolutely, our mate will filet and bag all the fish for you to take home or to a local restaurant to prepare for you.

Can I ship fish back to my home?
You can take a cooler on the plane with you.  Each airline is different, please check with them to find out the weight restrictions.